Stove, fridge, oven and sink. Every kitchen is equipped with the basics. But if you'd like a kitchen that brings the word fun to functional, read on! These homeowners have added some pizzazz to their space by adding unique and useful features to their kitchen:


1. This stand-out pegboard draws the attention of visitors with its eye-catching colour, but remains functional as a board for the owner to hang her cooking equipment on.


2. Astonish guests with a massive walk-in pantry. While not all of us can afford to give up so much space in our apartment, we can turn part of our kitchen into a large, impressive storage shelf like the one mounted onto the door of this pantry.


3. What can be more fun than a standalone kitchen island? Perfect in an open concept home, it makes a great centrepiece for a large kitchen, and it promotes communal cooking too! 

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4. Do away with tired ol' laminated kitchen cabinets and use fabric to conceal your clutter instead. These fabric cabinet doors add a splash of colour to the kitchen, and give you the flexibility to change the look of your home simply by picking a different pattern or colour of fabric! 


5. In an open concept home, a large lighting feature can help demarcate different parts of the home including the kitchen. Place a similar lighting feature over a bar counter to create some ambience with the help of the soft "candles" perched on the low-hanging mount.

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6. A slide-out fridge sets this kitchen apart from the rest of the homes. The only downside to it is its relatively small size and capacity.