“I want that Victorian look.” You say to your interior designer.

What Victorian look? Do you KNOW what the Victorian look is? Folks, before you up and get your interior designer to do up your place Victorian style you’d better get your facts straight. This is the Victorian style:

An insanely ornate four-room HDB flat in Punggol

It’s a very heavy, almost fairytale-like look. If you want the Victorian look here are a few key decor points to remember:

  • Warm, rich colours
  • Heavy draperies
  • Large, opulent furniture and furnishings
  • Chandeliers
  • Gold: Try and squeeze some gold in there

Truth be told, you’ll never get the exact Victorian style unless you have tons of cash to splurge on excessive amounts of ornamental furniture. Trust me, not worth it. And much too heavy for a small HDB flat in Singapore! But if you die-die want the look, You could make use of Victorian-inspired pieces and accents to dress up your home like these fellows:



You see! It doubles as a television console! You can hide your wires in the fireplace too.

Interesting detailing like the gold trim around the cabinetry, the wallpaper, plush carpets and an intricate dome.


Keeping it classy.


Look at the details on that dome! Place it on your false ceiling for dramatic effect.


Very Jane Austen wouldn’t you say?

Alright, let’s all admit that the Victorian look is a little over the top gaudy. But if you still want the look, you can tone it down with softer versions of the look:

Painting your bedroom white and keeping the room simple except for a four poster bed and interesting cabinetry is a more rustic look, but it’s a good way to incorporate bits of the Victorian look without overwhelming your home.

This home simplfied the Victorian look by using graphic wall-painted frills behind the television and white cornice-trimmed cabinets.

Plenty of mirrors and a white theme keeps the Victorian look from becoming gaudy.

The simple white and blue palette gives the bed prominence, playing up the bed’s Victorian look.

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