The bi-annual Manila FAME, organised by the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry, has been running since 1983. As the second longest-running trade show in the Asia-Pacific region, the premier design event features furniture, home decor, fashion and lifestyle products. Coinciding with the country's design week, we are here checking the fair out! 

Whether these booths stand out with flair or have a mysterious facade that beckons you in, these design-centric booths will make you take a second look:

1) Ito Kish

Wrapped in just (slightly crushed) brown paper, the simple and humble material is an unexpected choice of material, which in turn makes a huge statement!   

So what's inside? Architecture-inspired bone china vases, which form a stylised city skyline! The various designs are modelled after elements of the Art Deco Manila Metropolitan Theater that was built in 1931.


2) Kenneth Cobonpue

World-renowned designer Kenneth Cobonpue exhibits his iconic, as well as brand new designs in a centrally located booth. It is open from all sides, totally putting the colourful and embellished pieces in full view. A large sculpture suspends overhead, anchoring the space and creating a focal point.


3) Industria Edition

This booth may have an understated design, but it's tasteful Minimalist, contemporary appearance give it an edge. Aligning with its industrial style aesthetics,  on display are unique furnishings made with iron accented with other natural materials, such as leather and marble. 


4) Duque

This booth may be small and located at one side of the fair, but you won't miss it with its black textured walls. Bold designs, such as concrete furniture and gilded decor, make it attractive.


5) Prizmic & Brill

It looks like an explorer's tent – a themed novelty compared to the other more conventional booths! The brand offers vintage-style furniture.


6) Aurora – A Light Imprint

Draped in black fabric, you wouldn't expect that this is actually an art installation!

Look inside and you'll see a cool 3D "floating" sculpture. Made with wires and glow sticks, it mimics the enchanting effect and colours of the Aurora Borealis (or the Northern Lights). Its form even changes over time, thanks to the addition of glow sticks at different intervals. 


7) BMA

With a natural, rustic vibe, this booth adds warmth to the surrounding space and provides soothing views with foliage integrated in its design. 

Almost like a sanctuary within the busy fair, a cosy interior setting is created with countless pieces made with black iron that is treated to look rustic, complemented with lots of greenery. 


Visit Manila FAME for more information.


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