Looking for a spacious walk-in wardrobe? Well, luxury of space is what most Singaporeans are short of. But don’t lose hope; a walk-in wardrobe in a small home is still achievable! It just requires proper space planning, and the perfect design concept.

Our advice is to approach a professional, and to bring a list of these 7 key features a walk-in wardrobe needs:

1. The perfect storage system
Decide which wardrobe system you'd prefer:
wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe,
A pole system. (Image by Orange Cube)

Mudian, wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe,
Or built-in shelving. (Image by Mu Dian)


2. A mirror
wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe, mirror,

Build your mirror into your wardrobe. This wardrobe features a rotatable mirror that conceals storage shelves behind it. (Image by The Ewins Home)

Or place a stand-alone mirror outside your wardrobe. This mirror comes with wheels, making it easy for the owner to switch its position. (Image by Linear Space Concepts)


3. Drawers for undergarments

Whether you choose an open-concept walk-in wardrobe or a concealed closet, you will require some drawers for undergarments or jewellery that you would like hidden away. (Image by Three-D Conceptwerke


4. A drawer for accessories

This owner tucked her accessories away. (Image by Project File)

While this owner chose to display her accessories. (Image by Benjeemen Heng I.D.)

5. Shoe storage

Creating a shoe display keeps your shoes from becoming forgotten. It also gives them plenty of breathing room, helping them last longer by preventing mildew from growing. (Image by Project File)

But tucking them away does help hide clutter, and gives your home a cleaner, neater appearence. (Image by Space Sense)

6. Bag storage

Store them in individual compartments. (Image by Space Sense)

Or display them on shelves like in a store. (Image by Soho Design Partnership)

7. Great lighting

Lighting in each storage compartment is a great idea for large wardrobes. (Image by Collective Designs)