There are plenty of pet-friendly furniture options out there, but few interesting ones! Here are some amazing pieces we found, some cobbled together by innovative homeowners and some purchased online:

1) The homeowner customised a little cat enclosure for his pets! Filled with light from the mesh door, it’s a great sunny spot for his cats.

pets, chair, rocking chair, furniture, pet friendly furniture
2) Designer Paul Kweton put together a rocking chair called the “rocking-2-gether chair” our of milled birch plywood with a space for a bed or blanket underneath!

pet, dog, bowls, kitchen island
3) Clever corner under the kitchen island for the dogs! We’ve love the dog bone cutout handles for the drawers as well.

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4) Built specifically to maximise space in his shoebox-sized Tokyo apartment, Toru Hirose’s cabinet houses a built-in snack bar, hidden restroom and nap space for his doggie.

lycs, cat, table, work
5) Chinese architecture firm LYCS addressed the problem of cats who climb all over their owners’ work table by building a “play” table. The minimalist piece has tunnels and holes to keep your felines occupied while you work on being productive. Cute huh!

bookshelf, cats, pole
6) ARGHH! Too adorable! Taiwan-based design company Hey!Cheese created a bookshelf for intrepid cats.

7) South Korean designer Seungji Mun created a collection of pet furniture, our favourite is this stylish, minimalist sofa with a little cosy compartment for your pup!