There’s nothing more impactful yet low maintenance than decorative tiles! They're also perfect for rooms of all sizes as they visually fill up an area without actually eating up any floor space. Here are 7 ways you can to decorate with them!


Visually isolate different spaces by using contrasting surfaces. These striking Peranakan patterns, for example, separate the foyer from the rest of the home.
(Interior design by Free Space Intent)


Wondering if that's a bath mat? Think again. Adding decorative vintage-inspired tiles to the bathroom is a popular trick that designers use to inject vibrancy to the space.
(Interior design by Project File)


Want a retro 50's diner feel for your home? Classic bold black-and-white floor tiles are a must!
(Interior design by Museum)



Break the monotony of repeated patterns by putting together a more personalised mix-and-match mosaic. Bind the different patterns by a common thread – be it by colour or style – for a less chaotic appearance.
(Interior design by Prozfile)


Who says tiles are for floors and walls only? This tiled headboard, complemented with hints of green on the armchair and divider, is all that’s needed to gussy up a plain room.
(Interior design by Design Channel Pte Ltd)


A feature wall, clad in lustrous mosaic tiles, gives an all-white bathroom a punch of modern glamour and luxury.
(Interior design by Museum


Accent small surfaces by embellishing them with nostalgic tiles as a subtle nod to the decor of yesteryear.
(Interior design by Aster by Kyra)


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