In most homes, the kitchen is the woman's "office", and it can be quite a lonely place to work. By designing a family-friendly kitchen, your spouse and kids can pitch in with the housework and work by your side with these ideas!

1) Textured flooring 
Should you do a lot of heavy cooking, the kitchen floor can get really wet and oily. Other than keeping your floor clean and dry, prevent slips and falls from happening by choosing tiles with texture.

Interior design by Fuse Concept

2) No sharp corners
From cabinets to countertops, ensure that your kitchen is free from sharp edges.

Interior design by Free Space Intent

3) Create an island to create a working space
If space permits, a large kitchen island can give you a peace of mind while you work as the kids can share this worktop with you to do their homework.

Interior design by Collective Designs

4) A counter within the kitchen to let everyone in on the action
Similarly, a counter shielded by a glass backsplash lets your family in on what you're doing without interferioring or eating into your workspace.

Interior design by Hugo Kitchen

5) Keep pots and utensils out of reach of children
Curious toddlers may wander into your kitchen in search of new "toys". Keep pots and electrical items out of reach by placing them in shelves over the counter.

6) Get a blackboard to keep tabs on one another's schedule
Turn your kitchen into family hub with a blackboard that notes down each family member's schedule. Also, your little ones would be glad to have a place to scribble while you cook.

Interior design by Prozfile

7) Have your TV near the kitchen
Want to spend time with your teenager but he's always holed up in his room watching TV or surfing the net? Install a TV by your kitchen to keep him close to you. He may even help with the chores!

Interior design by Fuse Concept