If your home suffers from the lack of natural light, you are not alone. Whether you're renovating or just need decor ideas to perk up and brighten up your interiors, we've got these tips and tricks to help you out!

(Interior design by Museworks)
1) Knock down walls to have an open-concept home
If one room in the home receives more light than the other, consider hacking a wall to let light into the other room. In a home with a low-ceiling, open-concept living can make it feel less cave-like.
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2) Make use of glass to let in more light between rooms and narrow spaces
If you're not keen on an open-concept home, replacing some walls with glass is an alternative way to more light into your home. 
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(Interior design by Aiden T)
3) Embrace an all-white colour palette
A simple fact that we all forget from time to time: the colour white reflects light.
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4) Decorate minimally
A home with a white or neutral palette is just the first step to achieving a brighter space. You'll want to ensure that you have minimal decorative features on your walls. Curate the items you would like to display and what you want to conceal to minimise clutter.
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5) Have a lighting plan for each room of the house
This is crucial as when the sun goes down, you'll want to ensure your home is still well-lit for the activities you carry out at night. 
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6) Use adjustable window blinds instead of heavy drapery
Blinds give you the flexibility of how much sunlight you want your home to receive. 
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(Interior design by Project File)
7) Add mirrors 
An old but reliable "trick" of the industry, mirrors are a cost-effective way of brightening a space. As mirrors reflect light, it will give the illusion of a larger, brighter home.
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