Here’s the long and short of corridors: they’re boring. I mean, how much can you do to a narrow passageway right? These owners, however, prove that corridors can be made interesting with a bit of creativity:

laminates, home and decor, corridor, passageway, home renovation, renovation
(Image: W2DA)
1. Laminate samples were suspended over this corridor to create a bold, unusual space.

corridor, tiles, concrete, passageway, renovation, home and decor
(Image: Prozfile)
2. Graphic print tiles bring cheer to the otherwise dull concrete screed corridor.

home and decor, renovation, lights, barn doors, corridor, passageway,
(Image: Linear Space Concepts)
3. This owner balanced two statement pieces, the sliding barn doors and the hat-shaped pendant lamps, with a simple white palette. 

corridor, colourful, door way, futuristic, passageway, home and decor, renovation,
(Image: Free Space Intent)
4. These bright doors bring life to the dull grey corridor of this home.

corridor, passageway, renovation, home and decor,
(Image: Formwerkz)
5. Rather than using the same materials for the surrounding walls of the corridor, this owner turned one wall into an accordion partition, and used wood on the other side. 

corridor, colourful, door way, spacious, passageway, home and decor, renovation,
(Image: Space Sense)
6. This owner kept the corridor bright and airy by using a white palette for the space, but made it unique by designing part of the wall to resemble large crates.

(Image: Formwerkz)
7. This corridor was kept bright and spacious through the use of translucent partitions.