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Being eco-friendly doesn’t just positively impact the environment, it affects your physical, emotional and mental health too! Your health is worth investing in, so follow these eight decor tips for a more eco-friendly home! 

1) Go natural
– Stay away from flame-retardant and synthetic materials, which contain a lot of chemicals.
– Choose natural fibres such as cotton and linen, and wash your bedding with natural laundry soaps.
– Choose oxygen bleach over chlorine bleach as it is very toxic to you and the environment.

2) Get plants
– Plants suck up toxins in the air, hence purifying your home!
– Pick from one of these five pretty houseplants that will help clean the air.

3) Stay dry
– Soft furnishings such as the mattress, bedding and cushions attract pests such as moths and dust mites. Keep your closets damp-free, and air and vacuum your mattress regularly. Store away extra bedding in plastic tubs or vacuum-sealed packs.

4) Declutter
– Clutter doesn’t just affect your physical space, it affects your mental state too! Ever been frustrated because you couldn’t find something?
– Identify trouble spots like wardrobe and your bedside table that tend to get cluttered quickly.
– We equip you with the secret to an organised wardrobe, how to declutter your desk and how to not lose your keys in the house!

5) Paint it green
– If you’re looking to paint your walls or furniture, remember to choose low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints as they are less toxic.

6) Ventilation
– There are many reasons to keep cool with a fan rather than air conditioning. When you can, open the windows and allow fresh air in to ventilate the room. Studies show that closed spaces contain concentrated toxins, making the air within sometimes more polluted than that outdoors!

7) Go minimal
– Decorate sparingly as decor accessories tend to collect dust and add clutter to the home. Be selective!

8) Use natural scents
– Instead of using air fresheners, place fresh flowers like jasmine or chrysanthemum in your home to give your home a light floral fragrance and visual mood-enhancer.
– Alternatively, make your own simple spray to give your room an all-natural scent. In a small spray bottle, add 20 drops of essential oil into a quarter cup of water, then shake and spritz! Lavender promotes relaxation, while peppermint invigorates and peps you up in the morning. 

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