Keep your HDB flat neat and organised with these 10 life-changing home organisation tips! We picked these specific tips because you can find all the things you need right here in Singapore and finish them in under a day! (We know because our moms use these tips too)

1. Organise your trays with filing organisers
Avoid having all your baking equipment toppling all over the floor by organising them in different folders. Head to any bookstore to get some filing organisers.



(Image: Pinterest)
2. Use rods to store pot lids
These rods are available at Ikea for just $6.


3. Tension rod organiser
Organise your spray bottles with a tension rod under your sink! They’re easily found in hardware stores and Ikea for just $9.90!


(Image: Buzzfeed)
4. Teacup hooks
Drill tiny hooks into the top of your shelves for an easy way to store mutiple teacups. Again, you can find all these in hardware stores.


5. Use Velcro to store controllers
This is simple enough! A subtle strip of Velcro is more than enough to keep your controllers out of sight! You can buy a roll of Velcro from Daiso.


6. PVC pipe cubbies
Get custom-cut PVC pipes from hardware stores in Geylang! Here’s one place you can ask: LNK Trading 


7. Organise your cords with toilet roll tubes
Don’t throw away those cardboard rolls! Use them to store your wires instead.


8. Magnetic containers
Keep all your knick-knacks or spices in full-view by keeping them in metal containers on a magnetic board. You can get these containers from Ikea, $9.90 for three pieces.