Recalling the simplicity of past times, more homeowners are using rustic elements in their homes. The look embodies a sense of comfort, with unpretentious materials, and organic shapes and textures. 

Look to these eight homes for inspiration on how you can bring that comforting, cosy aesthetic to your home:


1. The terracotta of the brick wall is set off perfectly by the white walls of this living room. They make a picture of familiar comfort when paired with vintage wood furnishings.

(Interior design by Versaform)


2. Rusticity isn't all about Western design influences. The vintage Peranakan-style furniture in this home marries well with the raw concrete flooring, bringing old world charm to this kitchen.

(Interior design by Metaphor Studio)


3. Typical kitchen sliding doors were replaced with a solid wood barn-like door to create a rural accent amidst this home's contemporary interior.

(Interior design by Linear Sapce)


4. Doesn't this look like a country lodge? The exposed brick wall next to the rough wood grain of the wardrobe panelling is what creates a warm and homely atmosphere in this bedroom.

(Interior design by Distinct Identity)


5.Antique collectors and enthusiasts, incorporate your treasured finds into your home decor. Placing these oriental rosewood pieces against a modern backdrop made this homeowner's collection stand out more.

(Interior design by Spacious Planners)


6. The weathered beat-up appearance of this wood dining set brings to mind the style of a quaint beach cottage.

(Interior design by Make Room)


7. Play with textures in neutral hues to cosy up a space. The unrefined rug and resin wicker dining chairs used in this room come together to create an atmosphere that is spacious, yet warm.

(Interior design by Prozfile)


8. Not everything in your home has to match. A random mix of patterned floor tiles set in concrete screed bring a little nostalgia to this hallway.

(Interior design by Prozfile)


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