Homeowner Kelly appreciates architecture and you can tell from her home. The home, designed by Hunter Gatherer, features lots of unique structural details, furniture and decor in all kinds of styles.


A set of deer antlers hangs over Kelly’s pink Vespa on the front porch of her home.

The sofa set was given to the couple by friends of relatives who were moving house. Its chunky, doweled design recalls elements of the Arts and Crafts movement, of which Kelly is a big fan. The artwork is from her fiance’s university projects.

Old architectural elements salvaged from demolition or renovation sites inject surprise in an interior.

The door feature is uniquely made out of grilles and a solid piece of stone.  “The stone strip also functions as my pull-up bar!” says Kelly.

The dining set is another cast-off from friends, restored by the hands-on couple. An architectural model from their university days sits in the foreground.

In place of conventional cabinets and counters, a cement structure and open shelving is a more practical, outdoor-friendly solution for the open kitchen.

The kitchen enjoys an unobstructed view of the surrounding garden.

These Wilhelm Kienzle Safari chairs fit right in at the lush outdoor patio. They were purchased from a vintage shop in Europe.

A friend’s cast-off chair, vintage fan, antique medicinal bag and clothes stand form the eclectic collection in the bedroom. While most of the items salvaged have little monetary value, Kelly also enjoys the occasional splurge, such as this bed. It features well crafted woodwork with dove-tail joints that she favours.


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