While it's wise to look ahead and craft a home that'll withstand design fads, be sure that it deson't look too generic either! Just see how Space Factor injects interesting elements to add more edge to this condominium unit's simple design.

An arresting wallpaper adds depth to the living room and gives it a focal point.

A moodier ambience for the living room is instantly achieved by drawing its translucent blue curtains.

Pairing an elegant statement lighting like this with the kitchen counter adds a touch of elegance to this space.

Lighting can be more than just a functional element — it can be decorative too! 

A simple pot of plant can do wonders for injecting a boutique hotel feel for a humble bathroom!

Every living area needs a casual space where one can kick back and relax, and this platform next to the window is the perfect spot to do just that!

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