Want a home that’s airy, low maintenance and stylish all at once? This home is loaded with ingenious and indispensable tips.

With the help of foldable furniture and the idea of storage boxes, William Chan of Spacedge transformed the 1,152sqf condominium into a calming black and blue pad – all while keeping in mind the concepts of fengshui. It’s every minimalist’s dream home!

Counting furnishings, the renovation cost amounted to about $140,000. 


Kept minimal, the predominantly black entertainment room is coloured with a blue hall stand from Grafunkt and a matching art piece from BoConcept that’s positioned according to fengshui principles.  


Based on the elements of fengshui, the palette of blue, black and wood is selected. The colours, which represent water, balance out the abundance of wooden furnishings. 


At the heart of this home is a space-efficient trapezoidal block made of warm Figured Anigre wood, effectively reducing visual clutter by hiding books and other curiosities in its built-in storage compartment.  


Not only does the curve-edged centrepiece conceal the washrooms, kitchen and fridge, it’s also equipped with a neat pull-out dining table, complete with kooky “computer key” seats. 


A major upheaval in the kitchen saw the addition of frosted glass sliding doors and the adjustment of the ceiling height. The result? A clean, refreshing white and light grey cooking space. 


A soothing sanctuary for the homeowners to retire into at the end of the day, it was imperative that darker hues of blue and black were used. Introducing a storage bed also helps to minimise any mess.


View the entire home here!