While homes that are done up in a strictly black and white scheme often appear very masculine and sometimes a little too severe, this home that's designed by Space Sense successfully avoided that with playful accents.


Bold black outlines help define the living area, while the rug, cushions, and upholstered sofa bring a sense of softness into this monochromatic space.

Besides keeping in line with the colour scheme, the subtly rugged white brick wall also contrasts nicely with the TV console's glossy surfaces.


The Parisian street lamp decal sets a chic yet whimsical tone for the outdoor dining area.


To maximise the amount of natural light filtering into the entire house, the walls of the study room were replaced by glass windows.


The shelves were customised to go with the home's clean cut, black and white theme.


The bedroom takes on a more feminine spin with earthy tones and a classical bed frame.


The wardrobe's wainscot doors may be influenced by the classical style, but remains contemporary thanks to its modern palette.


Who says you can't indulge in a clawfoot bathtub in a HDB flat! This couple even found one that fits into the narrow shower space.

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