How does one mesh clean, contemporary lines with circular patterns inspired by the 60s? A $450K renovation, led by award-winning interior designer Riston Foo of Whiz Concepts, turned this 2,200sqf two-storey inter-terrace home into a bright-hued space dotted with nostalgia.

Doors were eliminated to create more flow between rooms, encouraging cross-ventilation and interspatial interaction. The contemporary retro interior is the resulting combination of the homeowners’ varying preferences – the husband fancies modern aesthetics, while the wife is inclined towards the style of yesteryears. 


The warm yellow glow emanating from this dining capsule complements its bold burgundy walls, while its rounded furniture and archway match its dotted floor tiles.  


The 1960s-inspired decor scheme is kept alive in the entertainment room through retro red lamps and pop art posters.


Sporting a neutral palette, the common area is a departure from the striking, nostalgia-laced decor of the rest of the home. It goes contemporary minimalist for a cosier, more laidback living environment. A pop art print by Roy Lichtenstein in his signature benday dots technique was added to keep to the circle-centric design.


Thanks to the wallpaper's dramatic motifs, the stairwell is transformed into a statement feature.


Soft, curved corners and a stand-out circular headboard in crimson creates a retro futuristic yet tranquil sleeping environment for the couple.


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