The best way to minimise clutter in your home is to make sure you have storage in every room. Sort your items according to where you use them, and you won’t have to scurry around the house looking for things all the time. Here’s a room-by-room guide to organisation in your home:


Kitchen by Three-D Conceptwerke

The kitchen can get cluttered very easily. Clean out all the drawers, and throw out any rusty pots, utensils and equipment. Also, freeing up countertop space gives you more room for food preparation and will make cooking and baking a breeze.



Bed With Storage by Fuse Concept

Other than floor to ceiling bookshelves or cabinets, platform beds are perfect for storage. If you’ve got kids, you can keep their books within their beds. It’ll be easy for you to pick out a book to read to them at bedtime!



Study Room by Museum

More often than not, the study transforms into a store room over time! A study room should be a conducive space for working and reading. Get rid of things that don’t belong in the study, and leave everything else on tall shelving. Make sure you have sufficient room on the table for work!



Living Room by DistinctIdentity

When considering storage for your living room, be mindful of how you would use the space. Ensure that your storage solutions won’t interfere with the access to seating, or the television. Ensure that the layout of your space is flexible enough should you need to accomodate to more guests. Built-in concealed shelving around the television would be a neat way of adding storage to your home. 



Bathroom by The Interarch Design

Never underestimate the amount of storage you need in your bathroom! You’d appreciate the fact that your toiletries are within reach each time they run out on you. Ensure that the cabinets and shelving you have can store extra rolls of toilet paper, towels, body wash, new toothpastes, etc.