By playing up the unusual architecture and exposed structural beams of this landed property, the designers at Space Sense created a home that is visually stunning. While there are hints of the country and cottage style thanks to the barn-like beams, most of the interiors are kept modern with a black and white colour scheme. 

The living room features a stylish mix of materials that give this space character. The raw brick wall brings English cottages to mind, but the high gloss console that stands out elegantly against its rough texture brings a contemporary touch to the feature wall. Having splashes of fun colours like neon orange is also important to add depth to a monochromatic space.

While open-concept living areas are great for visually enlarging the home, it is also important for the different spaces to be zoned clearly to create a more balanced appearance. Here, the casual lounging area beside the living room is demarcated by a patchwork cow skin rug.

Shapes and textures play a big part in adding depth to any space with a monochrome palette. While straight lines dominate much of this area, the rigidity is broken up by the round ottoman. The texture of the cow skin rug also contrasts with the glossy laminates of the cabinet.

By painting the home's old rafters and low trusses black, it stands out against the white walls and becomes the main design element of the dining room. The rest of the surrounding spaces are kept sleek and left largely undecorated in order not to distract the eye from its striking structural feature.

The space under the home's pointed roof is turned into a cosy mezzanine bedroom that's accessed via a ladder (seen on the right) that's usually concealed by a folding panel.

The glass panel facilitates a more unified flow of space between the attic and the lower floor. It also allows the sleeping area to bask in more natural light during the day.

A low bookself was customised to maximise the sloping ceiling, and the textural rug here injects colour and an even cosier vibe to this already snug corner.

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