A book or two, a reading lamp, a cup of hot tea or warm milk; these are your typical bedside companions. We found new ways to keep them by your side, without taking up too much space! Take a look at these unconventional bedside tables…

DIY Bedside Table

This bedside table will literally house all your bedside necessities under one roof! Bookmark your magazine by placing it on the roof of the house!


Bedroom by Free Space Intent

The Flexvie coffee table by Flexform is sleek and slender, making it easy to maneuvre should you want it nearer to you before bedtime.


Cowhide Rug & Vintage Luggage

Stack a few vintage luggages on top of each other for a casual, rustic look.


Drop-down table by DistinctIdentity

This custom-made headboard comes with a drop-down side table. Perfect for reading, surfing and having breakfast in bed!


Ladder Bedside Table

A slim ladder shelf makes for a space-saving bedside table. Always take advantage of vertical space!