Filling your home with an eclectic variety of art collectibles may risk a cluttered look. To dodge this bullet, this interior designer gave this 1,500sqf two-bedroom apartment a white colour scheme, which also allows eye-catching decor pieces to stand out. This is the result of a $130,000 renovation, excluding furniture. 


A large kitchen cabinet was introduced to cover a structural wall and beam, as well as display the homeowner’s outlandish knick knacks. The Fornasetti plates are a favourite. 


A wall separating the dining and kitchen area was removed to open up the space, preventing chunkier furniture, such as the Zettel’z chandelier by Ingo Maurer, from contributing to a cramped atmosphere. 


The built-in kitchen island, serving also as a bar counter, boasts an oversized table that creates an ocular illusion of an enlarged space. 


Against a neutral backdrop, Danish designer Arne Jacobsen’s siren red Egg Chair and British artist James Joyces’ graphic posters add character to the living room. 


Even an eclectic-looking corner needs to be carefully designed! A useful tip for a more fluid look is to find matching decorative pieces to place together. 


Instead of displaying them in full view, miniature penguins are placed under the side table to liven up a nondescript corner in an adorably unusual and unique way. 


Light wood and white furnishings tone down this minimal master bedroom – a relaxing retreat for the homeowners. 


Opposite the bed is a clean, sleek lounging area, which can easily be isolated from the sleeping quarters by a sheer curtain.


Possibly the most radiant room in the house, this study makes working a fun affair with the turquoise Eames rocker, multi-coloured posters, and shelves upon shelves of toys. 


Along with the renovation, the balcony was given a tiled roof for a more functional space, suitable for some cosy me-time as well as alfresco gatherings.


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