By keeping the raw industrial aesthetics to a minimum and focussing on a clean white-black-grey colour scheme, Space Sense helped a bachelor craft out a polished loft-inspired HDB home. 


The only hint of the industrial style in the open common area are the minimal exposed trunking and steel and aluminium dining set. The rest of the space was kept simple with black and white.

To enhance the loft feel for this already large living area, the kitchen was opened up and zoned off from the dining area with a counter.

This elongated feature wall is inspired by the lofts found in New York. The faux windows also conceal an awkward niche in the wall.

An upcycled oil barrel was customised into a coffee table to blend with the industrial theme.

Initially a bedroom, this open-concept study area echoes the rest of the interiors with its strong black accents.

The only bedroom is kept utalitarian. Instead of covering the entire floor with concrete screed, the designers only clad a wall here as a nod to the industrial style.

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