Think a 3-room flat is small? Wait till you see this home.

An open-concept design by Proj. B Studio, this home is cosy but spacious. Perfect a young couple who don’t need much space, or for the singleton who loves having friends over! This home’s walls and floors were kept simple but was made interesting by the home’s fixtures and furnishing.

The home’s basic look is kept bare and raw but made colourful with the bright blue L-shaped bench and the chalkboard display shelves.

The designer gave this home texture by alternating between raw blocks and smooth concrete. A simple wood-framed mirror gives the illusion of a cut-out window and mason-jar hanging lights make an interesting feature over the table that doubles as a workspace for the owner.

The simple, handle-less black cabinets, that divides the bedroom from the living room, have doodles and chalk markings made by the owner brightening the space. We also love how the floor to ceiling storage area alternates between exposed shelves and closed cabinets. A pivot door leads into the master bedroom.

Even though the space is small, the owner managed to make use of all the available space with clever storage solutions:

A special mechanism allows these built-in clothing hooks to be flushed flat against the wall for a neat finish, when not in use.A special mechanism allows built-in clothing hooks to be flushed flat against the wall when they are not in use.

Drawers we built under the L-shaped bench in the living room to store shoes and the owner’s other odds and ends.

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