Hidden in a nondescript corner on the second floor of Raffles Hotel Arcade is a gallery like no other. Art Now is the brainchild of art curator and entrepreneur Jasmine Tay.

If her name sounds familiar, she was the founder of Jasmine Fine Arts and Museum of Art & Design (MAD) that is no longer functioning. Jasmine’s latest project is a cosy 4,500 sq ft space filled with a bewildering array of creations that run the gamut of pop art and the contemporary to 2D and 3D fine art, as well as fashion and other unique lifestyle items.

The gallery’s entrance. PHOTO: LEAH KANAN

“I started blending art with specially curated events to create lifestyle experiences that synthesise space with art while I was at MAD,” Jasmine says of her vision to take art appreciation beyond gazing at paintings on a wall.

“I found that we could emphasise the multifaceted aspects of art and design through different mediums – such as paintings, prints, toys, fashion, sculptures, objects and furniture – by blending the different elements. This creates a new and holistic experience for visitors. At Art Now, we hope to bring back some of these uniquely curated events and include dining experiences hosted by celebrity chefs.” 

Besides the display of Bearbrick collectables, other intriguing conversation starters include a series of life-size wax figures of iconic artists, from Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali to Vincent Van Gogh, alongside others like Albert Einstein. 

Visitors are free to snap a picture with the wax figure of Pablo Picasso, the most dominant and influential artist of the first half of the 20th century. PHOTO: LEAH KANAN

“As an art lover myself, I am attracted to many different aspects of art and pop art- inspired colours. I wanted to share this unique experience with visitors by scattering unexpected elements in the gallery,” she explains. 

Past the foyer are two main galleries featuring seasonal collections. PHOTO: LEAH KANAN

For serious collectors on the hunt for investment pieces, Art Now also houses two main galleries that feature seasonal collections as well as other exciting designer offerings such as the innovative contemporary furniture of Manfredi Style, the transdisciplinary art of Galerie Philia and creations by Atelier Alain Ellouz, the goldsmith of alabaster and rock crystal.

Art Now mixes fine art with fashion and other collectible curios. PHOTO: LEAH KANAN

From novices to aficionados, Jasmine welcomes everyone to Art Now and hopes it will fire up their passion for the subject. Here’s her tip for potential buyers: “The main reason for collecting art should always be your heart. Collectors should make decisions based on their love for a piece and the urge to make it a part of their life.” 

Art Now is at #02-28-32, Raffles Hotel Arcade. For enquiries, call 6734-5688.