If you are constantly seated at your desk during the day, chances are you may have experienced backaches or a stiff neck from prolonged sitting and extended periods of inactivity. To break the sedentary sitting habit, a sit-stand desk that allows you to alternate from sitting to standing positions is a great idea. Not only does it give you the option to work in different positions, but it also introduces some movement into your office lifestyle as well.

1) Benefits of a sit-stand desk 

A sit-stand desk is a great option for people who suffer from chronic lower back or neck pain, as the weight of the body, which is mostly supported by the pelvic region in the sitting position, shifts downwards to the soles of the feet.

Compared to sitting, standing upright also burns a slightly higher amount of calories – great for those who are looking to adopt a weight-loss lifestyle! Studies conducted on those who made the swap to standing desks also reported improved performance and increased engagement at work.

2) Choose the right sit-stand desk or workstation for you

Ergoworks electric height adjustable desk

If you’re wondering where to find a great and affordable sit-stand desk, consider Ergoworks’ electric height adjustable desks.

Their electric height adjustable desk is built with a dual motor height adjustment system that  provides smooth and quiet elevation of the desk for optimum convenience. The product also carries manufacturer warranty of up to 10 years, giving you peace of mind.

Highly customisable, you can choose your preferred size, shape and colour of the desk’s tabletop. The desk also allows you to pre-set the sitting and standing heights that you’re most comfortable with so that you can switch between positions with ease.


If you want to keep using your traditional desk, but have the flexibility of sitting and standing whenever you want, consider Ergoworks’ standing desk converter solutions. These height-adjustable workstations rest on top of traditional desks and can be conveniently removed if not needed.

Ergoworks Sit2Stand workstation

For small desks, the Ergoworks Sit2Stand workstation is ideal. Occupying a small footprint, the compact unit may be slid easily away to free up desk space. You may adjust the height by up to 45.7cm when working in standing position, and the locking mechanism will maintain the unit firmly in place.

Varidesk Pro Plus 36

For more spacious desks, users can consider Varidesk Pro Plus 36. Spanning 36 inches (or 91cm), the workstation is specially designed for dual-monitor set-ups and is able to withstand weights of up to 15.8kg. The workstation seamlessly converts from sitting to standing position in just three seconds, and is adjustable to 11 different heights.

3) Guidelines for proper use

Make the most of your sit-stand desk or workstation by ensuring that you use it correctly. Adjust it to a height that achieves the following:

Sitting position:

  1. When sitting upright, your elbows should be bent at a right angle, with forearms parallel to the floor when at rest on the table top.
  2. The computer screen should be at eye level.
  3. Feet should be resting flat on the ground.

Standing position:

  1. You should stand upright to maintain good posture.
  2. When standing, your elbows should be bent at a right angle, with forearms parallel to the floor when at rest on the table top.
  3. The computer screen should be at eye level.

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