Faulty windows can be a hazard to you, your neighbours and anyone that walks by your block. One loose fastener can cause your window to crash to the ground!

To make sure your windows are safe and secure, follow this checklist:


– Make sure that your fasteners aren’t loose or rusty

– Clean and lubricate all moveable parts regularly

– Change any loose or defective parts

– Replace aluminium rivets with stainless steel versions if you haven’t already done so.


– Check that safety stoppers and angle strips are in place and undamaged. 

– Change any loose or defective parts

– Remove dirt from the tracks with a small brush and a soft cloth so window panels slide smoothly

More information on window maintenance at BCA and HDB.


Cleaning tip: Try to wash your windows on a cloudy day. Direct sunlight will dry your cleaning solution too quickly, leaving streaks on the glass.