Designing a bedroom that inspires romance isn't all frills, lace and floral prints. We picked out these ones that strike a good balance between modern, stylish and romantic:

Instead of letting your four-poster bed go bare, hang up the sheer drapery. They'll add a whimsical vibe to your bedroom, like that of a cosy cottage.

(Interior design by Three-d Conceptwerke)

A focal point of the room, this bed with the wrought-iron frame enhances the rustic-style decor applied here.

(Photo by Mina Brinkey)

A large and luxurious bed, coupled with the amazing view, we're pretty sure it's tough to leave this bedroom. 

(Interior design by Collective Designs)

The use of darker colours help to create a more sensual ambience in the room.

(Interior design by Sponge)

The rug under the bed adds texture to the space, adding to the cosiness of this moody bedroom.

(Interior design by Pure Concept)

The tufted bedframe does make this bedroom more feminine. However, tone it down a notch by keeping accessories to a minimum and sticking to cool colours like white and grey.

(Interior design by DistinctIdentity)

Unimpressed? Perhaps you'd want to go all out and transform your room into one fit for a princess. The classical-style details on the ceiling and the bedframe gives this bedroom a dreamy royal touch.

(Interior design by The Cottage Crafts)