When you think of the colour pink, you think of nurseries, little girls and Barbie. While copious amounts of pink can make a room look very feminine, small doses of this vibrant shade such as honeysuckle, has the power to lift spirits, brighten a room and add a sense of drama to any space. The best way to go about? Balance the intensity of bright pink with neutrals such as white and charcoal grey, navy blue or soft browns. Here are some examples:

 (Photo by Goodrich Global)

(Interior design by Design Intervention)
Balance honeysuckle with an equally punchy turquoise and citrusy olive green. Use it as a major furniture piece or to emphasise a design feature, such as curtains framing a dramatic floor-to-ceiling window.


(The Lava Seat by Vondom from Xtra)
Not keen on pink furniture? How about a rug that you can change out when you get tired of it?

(Interior design by Spacedge Designs)
Pink walls could be overwhelming for a small space like a bathroom, so this homeowner was selective with the use of pink and went with pink cabinetry!

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