How to keep as much storage as possible in the least amount of space – that is one of the most headache-inducing problems of space-starved homeowners embarking on their renovation process. We address your storage nightmares in the kitchen, in storing a huge shoe collection, and more!

Problem 1: How do I free up more space in the kitchen cabinets?

kitchen, open shelving, stainless steel countertop
Design: The Carpenter's Workshop

Solution: If you’re running out of storage space in your kitchen and would like to avoid cluttering the worktop, ceiling-mounted kitchen shelves will come to your rescue. Without taking up additional floor space, these shelves allow you to store and display items such as cookware and stemware tidily. Another idea is to install a drying rack for dishes above the sink, freeing up more space on the countertop.


Problem 2: How can I keep my large shoe collection neat and accessible, without having to build a huge cabinet? 

shoes, shoe display, shoe cabinet
Design: Formwerkz

Solution: As shoes come in all shapes and sizes, they often end up squashed or buried when stored in conventional cabinets. In order to keep them accessible, opt for either pull-out larder units, or use existing cabinet doors to anchor shoe shelves. With customised built-ins, even the narrowest spaces can be utilised to either hide or display footwear.

Problem 3: There isn't enough space in my bedroom for a dressing table.

dressing table, bedroom, beside table
Design: W2DA

Solution: Take a hint from W2DA and customise a bedside table that flips open and transforms into a makeshift vanity corner – even the underside of the “tabletop” can be fully utilised as a mirror. You can also do this with narrow spaces at the side of your bed frame. 

Problem 4: How do I integrate storage areas around the bay window?

Bay window, living room
Image and design: Habit 

Solution: A clever way to conceal the bay window slab is by customising a sofa or day bed over it and using part of the space underneath for storage. To further maximise this area, the designers at Habit integrated a side table into a corner of the daybed, and freed up the need for a television console by concealing the home’s entertainment systems within the seating. 

Problem 5: How can I store my washing machine and dryer in the kitchen and still keep them accessible? 

kitchen countertop, kitchen, washing machine
Image and design: 0932 Design Consultants

Solution: For those without a designated laundry area, try raising the kitchen worktop in order to tuck bulky and frequently used appliances such as the washing machine underneath, just like what 0932 Design Consultants did for this home.