Decorating a studio apartment is tricky. How do you stylishly squeeze your entire life into 500 sqf of space? How do you prevent the space from looking like a drab motel room? Feast your eyes on these chic and clutter-free studio apartments and learn:

1. Embrace the open-concept layout of your home.
Don't try and transform your studio apartment into a three-room flat. It is what is it is. Do away with clunky room dividers or doors to visually enlarge the space. Read this guide on how to arrange your furniture in an open-concept living room.

2. Create multi-functional living areas.
Acting as a room divider between the entrance and the living room, this shelf also doubles as a study nook for the homeowner.

The homeowners took advantage of this odd shape bedroom and added a study bench by the window.

(Interior design by Dwell Interior Design)

3. Use colour to zone your home.
In a studio apartment, it is likely that you can see into the next room due to the open-concept layout. Visually zone your space with the use of colour.

(Interior design by Dwell Interior Design)

4. Flexible furnishings.
Too many pieces of furniture can make a small space look and feel crammed. Flexible or collapsable furniture helps save space.

(Interior design by Homme Space)

5. Find ways to incorporate storage into everything.
To ensure that no space is gone to waste, the homeowners decided to add storage to the side of the TV console.

(Interior design by Project File)

Customise your furniture. This sofa has pockets and shelving incorporated into its design for more living room storage.

(Interior design by Dwell Interior Design)