If you enjoy the deep calm waters of the ocean, or the quiet bliss of night, then indigo is perfect for you. Identified as Inspired Violet by Dulux, it is said to “bring a sense of tranquillity and calmness, acting as a visual salve to soothe the aches from hectic lifestyles”. Here’s how to best embrace the bluish-purple hue in your home:

1. Indigo on it’s own: A deep shade of muted indigo, like the one on this armchair, allows you to create an introspective space for yourself in any room.
Nuvola 9 armchair from Xtra Park Mall

2. With metals: Bring out regal qualities of the velvety indigo shade with the help of matte metals, like the matte gold on this stylish side table.

Fabric and wallpaper from Osbourne & Little

3. With contrasting colours: Even if you don’t pair indigo with actual metals, try a mix of brozne or ivory that go equally well with the dark hue. 
Rug from Boconcept

We know that purple and yellow are perfect complements, but go a step further by using richer shades of indigo with mustard or camel for a sophisticated twist. See our post on the use of camel in decor.

4. With similar hues: Lift the mood of a dull indigo base using bright blues like royal blue, turquoise and azure. They also bring out the blue tinge of indigo. 

Inspired Violet by Dulux

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