Google has been known to create fun and inspiring workplaces around the world, with their personality-imbued wall murals, game rooms and fully stocked “microkitchens”. The South-east Asia headquaters here in Singapore channels the same vibe – it even has a cinema room and hammocks!

Define The Look:

Playful, colourful and fun

Get The Look:

Use lots of loud colours – you can never go wrong with red, blue and yellow – and fun furniture pieces such as the large sneaker beanbag or multicoloured ottoman. Vintage-style or old school accents will only help to give the space character. Don’t forget the hammock, too!

The Office:

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Photos from Google Singapore

The Mood Board:

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1. Cola clock from Comfort Design

2. Dome ceiling lamps from Galanga Living

3. Beer plaque from Comfort Design

4. Molecule Building Set from The Design Store

5. Vintage “Drawer” Crates from Like That One

6. Hammock from Make Room

7. Felt Balls (Multi) ottoman from Lush

8. Woouf Sneaker bean bag from The Design Store

9. American Cherry Classic wood flooring from Ionwood