Kitchen by Mudian

Love to cook but hate to clean up? Is your kitchen in state where its so cluttered you can't even use the counter top? Don't let your kitchen go to waste. We share tips on how to design an easy-clean kitchen that you'll want to cook in!

+ SMOOTH SURFACES: Surfaces in the kitchen are very prone to spills and oil stains, so choose smooth surfaces for your countertop and backsplash. Granite, marble, glass or stainless steel surfaces can be cleaned with just a wipe! Cleaning the grout lines between the tiles would be too time consuming!

+ INDUCTION STOVE: Go with the induction stove. No more cleaning in-between the grates and the hobs! It keeps the kitchen looking neat too!

+ FLOORING WITHOUT THE GROUT LINES: Consider hard wood flooring, concrete, and laminates . Take note that wood flooring may need extra care in the kitchen as heavy cooking means more moisture on the surface.

+ EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE: Minimise clutter! Take stock of your larder and fridge, don't pack them to the brim!