Looking for an affordable dining table? We've got 10 simple and stylish pieces that will suit any style of home:

Branch Dining Table, $490, Star Living
Dimensions: L150cm B90cm H75cm

Tripod Dining Table, $519, Comfort Design 
Dimensions: L150cm B80cm H75cm

Vincente Dining Table (comes in black or white), $159, FortyTwo 
Large Dimensions: L140cm B80cm H73.5cm
Medium Dimensions: L120cm B80cm H73.5cm 

Linon Square Dining Table, $499, Courts
Dimensions: L80cm B80cm H76cm

Kato Dining Table, $239, Courts
Dimensions: L71cm D71cm H72cm

Oakland Rectangle Dining Table, $299, Comfort Design 
Dimensions: L140cm B80cm H75cm

Pocky Dining Table$399, Star Living
Dimensions: L120cm B70cm H76cm

Milly Wood Customisable Dining Table with U Shape Legs, from $299, FortyTwo
Dimensions: Customisable

Junko Dining Table – Bean, $470, Comfort Design 
Dimensions L150cm B80cm H73cm 

Manchester Dining Table, $490, Star Living
Dimensions L150cm B90cm H75cm

Parker Dining Table, from $490, Star Living
Dimensions L160cm B90cm H76cm