Pinterest has been going crazy with tutorials on how to turn beer bottles in glasses. But a few forums have said that it’s not so simple, they used the wrong string, their bottle didn’t break… so I’ve decided to test it out! It took a few attempts with different materials, but here’s one that actually works!

What you’ll need

  • An old beer bottle
  • Sand paper
  • String
  • Plastic gloves
  • Ice-cold water in a tub large enough to fit your beer bottle vertial-wise
  • Nail-polish remover or some other flammable liquid
  • Lighter

Honestly, the only thing you’ll have to buy is sand paper which is about $1 at most from any hardware store.

Step one:

Take your string and tie it on the bottle. Tie it a couple of times to make it thick enough. Too thin a line and the bottle won’t heat up fast enough.

The string you use plays a big role in breaking the bottle. Pick yarn or cotton string. Twine, nylon and other “hardier” string will not do the job.

Step two:

Roll it off the bottle and soak it in nail polish remover or any other flammable liquid. Remember it has to be completely soaked!

Most tutorials call for lighter fluid, but if you don’t have any, nail polish remover would do fine.

Step three:
Roll the string back on the bottle and get ready to set it on fire. I’d suggest you put on gloves now.

After you roll it onto the bottle, wipe off the excess liquid that has dripped on the sides!

Step four:
Take your lighter and set it on fire! Rotate the bottle to circulate the heat. Your job is to heat the portion under the string till it’s going to explode! No I’m kidding. Just make it really really hot.

Hold it above the ice water till the flame dies down a little. But the minute it dies down…

Step five:

Plunge it into the ice cold water! Immediately you’ll hear a loud crack and it will separate in the water.

Make sure the water is ice cold. It has to be soo cold the heat and water strain the glass and just breaks it clean off.

Step six:

Sand the bottle to get rid of any nasty glass shards. Don’t worry, the break is quite clean so you can start drinking from it or using it as a bottle once you’ve decorated it!

Sand it clean! And be sure to wash the bottle well!

Step seven:

The bottle might have a few charred sides, but it still will look pretty decent as a decorative glass. Paint it, decorate and you’ll get yourself a lovely glass.

Just like that, you’re done! Even if you don’t like the outlook of your glass, it still makes for a great experiment. Have fun!