First impression counts. The entrance of your home can be a reflection of what’s inside! So don’t neglect it! Other than keeping your entryway neat and uncluttered, an easy way to dress up would be to lay out a doormat. These ones with fun designs and messages will put a smile on the faces of people who walk through your door!

Oh no, not you again doormat

Ok, not the most welcoming. However, it shows you do have a quirky sense of humour.

Oh No, Not You Again Doormat, S$24.22, Urban Outfitters


Please Don't Leave Doormat

Just be mindful, some guests may overstay their welcome after reading this!

Please Don’t Leave Doormat, S$15.30, Urban Outfitters


Sup Doormat

Keep things casual with this one.

Sup Doormat, S$63.75, Gessato


Wipe Your Paws Doormat

A cheeky reminder to your soceer-loving teenagers! 

Wipe Your Paws Doormat, S$38.24, Imports Decor on


Put Your Best Foot Forward

Something encouraging to start the day with!

Best Foot Forward Doormat, S$57.37, Furbish Studio


Slide To Unlock Doormat

Use this if you’re not afraid to tell the world what a geek you are!

Slide To Unlock Doormat, S$63.75,


Cassette Doormat

Kicking it old school with this cassette tape doormat. 

Cassette Tape Doormat, S$63.75,