From the exterior, conservation shophouses seem to exude a certain old world charm, different from that of regular HDB flats or apartments that have been weathered with age as well. Thus, it’s always a treat to go inside these shophouses to have a look at what homeowners do with their unique space. Here are four drool-worthy shophouses for your viewing pleasure:


Due to the open-concept layout, this 500sqf apartment doesn’t look claustrophobic.



The large windows bring in ample sunlight, giving the home a warm glow.
(Interior design by the homeowner)



As furniture retailers, the homeonwners filled their shophouse with samples of what’s stocked in their store.

The original mosaic flooring matches the mid-century modern furnishings in the home!



A quirky and nostalgic element, the Space Invaders icon finds its way into the bathroom!
(Interior design by Pomelo Home)



The dining room is a medley of Asian elements from Java, China and Southeast Asia.


A frangipani from the courtyard stretches its branches upwards to the bedrooms.
(Interior design by: Edgeline Planners)



A mash of contemporary styles and vintage furniture, shophouse reflects the preferences of both occupants.


A glass-walled bathroom that gives the homeowner direct access to a pool – bliss!
(Interior design by the homeowner)


The ground floor, which serves as an entertainment and working space, is filled with the homeowner’s treasured buys.

No space is wasted in this shophouse, even the steps of the staircase is lined with art!
(Interior design by Homme Space)

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