Your bedroom isn't just a room with a bed. It shouts your personality, your interests, your lifestyle. Looking for ways to perk up your bedroom? Start with your bedside table. We've got a bunch of ideas to get you going!

A bedside lamp doesn't just ensure you've got sufficient light to read in bed. The lights will serve as a mood and ambience enhancer. A larger-than-life lamp will surely make statement in your bedroom.

(Interior design by Hue D)

(Interior design by JQ Ong/ The Association)

(Interior design by Museworks)

For a laid-back and casual look, leaning a ladder by the bedside will also act as a shelf for books and your bedtime essentials.
(Interior design by 0932 Design Consultants)

(Interior design by Architology)


Select a quirky poster that'll get you in the mood for bed, or put together a vignette of photographs. The items should reflect who you are and what you love!
(Interior design by Box.ID Studio)

(Interior design by The Interarch Design)

(Interior design by Project File)

We love the silhouette of a coat rack – sleek, tall and slender. Not only is it pretty, it's functional, too. Perfect for lazybones like us who love to leave our things lying around.

(Interior design by Design Rebirth)

(Interior design by The Interarch Design)

(Interior design by 19sixtyseven)