Now that Scandinavian, retro, and industrial décor styles have become a commonplace amongst the trendy crowd, you’ve got to out-hip the rest by doing something different. Here's how you can take hints from these popular themes and spin it into something completely different for your home

This home is an energetic mish mash of Scandinavian, industrial, rustic, and even street styles. And what makes it work? A whole lot of attitude that only some audacious homeowners can carry off. 
(Interior design by D5 Studio Image)

While most will stop at having Peranakan-inspired tiles for a feature wall in the bathroom, the designers decided to throw in tiles that resemble worn iron sheets and raw wood-look laminates to add more visual impact.
(Interior design by Free Space Intent)

A full-height bookshelf made out of raw orange-tone wooden planks may cause a home to appear too cabin-like. But this was avoided by throwing in chairs with Mid-century modern and Classical silhouettes. 
(Interior design by Fuse Concept Pte Ltd)

Instead of pairing clean-cut Scandinavian style furniture with wooden floors, contrast it with luxurious marble-look homogenious tiles instead for an unexpected twist that works just as well.
(Interior design by Egg3)

Classic black and white checkerboard floors anchor this eclectic kitchen area, which sees bright red country barn doors, industrial bar stools, and a vintage cabinet harmonising wonderfully. 
(Interior design by Museum)

A contemporary home filled with leather, animal hide, and steel may seem a little too contrived. Try throwing in a surprising accent like industrial ventilation blocks to inject a some fun into the interiors. 
(Interior design by  Design Intervention)

An easy way to introduce different styles into your current home is through decor accessories. Forget whatever you know about design and curate vignettes that express your personality. Here, a whimsical collection of ornaments are juxtaposed with a Velvet Underground poster.
(Interior design by Project File)

Who would’ve thought an oriental day bed could complement a retro-futuristic sofa? All you need is some discipline to keep the rest of the space simple and free of clutter.
(Interior design by  Geoffrey Law Design

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