Just like good lighting, good fengshui should not be obvious. The ancient art of geomancy is applied to spaces to ensure there is harmony and balance of elements and energy, and so anything that is jarring to the eye, frankly speaking, would be counter-productive. Designer Benjeemen Heng employs basic fengshui principles when he designs a space, and this clean smart-looking HDB five-room flat shows that being in harmony with the elements need not be discordant with stylish design!

The living room is spacious enough to accommodate a large plush Le Mercier sofa, which works to anchor the space.


White was prescribed for the living space, punctuated by accessories in other colours, such as the cowhide rug.


The clear quartz crystal and small water feature face the front door to attract good energy into this home.


The location of the kitchen door was shifted and the door widened to facilitate movement.


The custom plaster corbels at both ends of a ceiling beam feature an elegant motif of double peaches to signify longevity.


Green mosaic and black tiles laid over the original tiling of the master bathroom enhance the Earth elements of the sector.


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