We’ve found the coolest key trays, hooks and hangers that double up as stylish accessories for the entrance of your flat as well!

Coeur Values Tray, SGD21.99, Mod Cloth
We love our accessories a little geeky, and this scientific-esque tray is giving us heart palpitations. 


What’s the Fetch? Tray, SGD19.99, Mod Cloth
You don’t need a dog to fetch your keys when they are properly kept in this neat tray.


Pantone Universe Key Tray, SGD49, Pantone Universe, Naiise
This key tray has a space at the bottom to slot your mobile phone charger through! Functionality aside, we love the range of bright Pantone colours that they come in. 


Wokey M, $60.18, WoHood, Hip Van
A nifty hanger for your keys, that holds your other daily essentials as well.


House Key Holder, $31, Suck UK, Naiise
Minimalist, yet edgy, this little key holder takes up just 40 x 45mm of wall space. 


Squirrel Key Hook, $14.90, Qualy, Naiise
Simply place the little squirrel back into its nook when you get back home, and it won’t get lost in your messy bag. 


Magnetic key ring holder and shelf, $54.02, Meriwether
We have our thumbs up for the sleek and smart look of this industrial-style design.


Magnetic Key Cloud Holder, $19.99, Suck UK, Amazon
This white fluffy cloud makes for a fun wall decorative piece whether your keys are there or not!

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