The Perfectionists’ Cafe at Terminal Two of Britain’s Heathrow Airport T2 is the latest feather in the cap for iconic British chef Heston Blumenthal. Not only can you grab the chef’s signature liquid nitrogen ice-cream here, you can do it in glamourous mid-Modern style. Leading London-based restaurant and hospitality design specialist Afroditi Krassa has created a paean to the design language of that era, captured in TV series Mad Men and movie Catch Me if You Can.
Look closely and spot influences from George Nelson’s Marshmallow sofa, Eero Saarinen’s Tulip series, the Eames’ Hang-it-all coat rack, and Hans Wegner’s Cow Horn chair. Materials that make the look include rich dark wood grains, dark veined marble, leather, brass details, as well as upholstery and laminates in the defining colours of that era – light and dark blues, as well as pops of American-diner red.

The communal counter table is shaped like a propeller, a nod to the restaurant’s airport location.

Barstools in brown leather reference the style of seats popular in the 60s.

The reaturant’s design is also based on the hexagon, as a 1955 aerial picture of Heathrow airport shows a distinct hexagon shape.

The meticulous attention to detail can be seen in the gorgeous mix of materials in the flooring.

These round seat cushions bring to mind the Marshmallow sofa by George Nelson.

Dark wood, laminates in shades of blue and brass details conjure up the 60s design aesthetic.

Recognise the influence of the Eames Hang-it-all in the bag hangers in-between the booth seats?

Mid-century Modern wooden chairs provide individual seats.

The Perfectionist himself, Heston Blumenthal, makes an appearance on the mural above a row of deep-buttoned booth seats.

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