Congratulations to all you folks who just got your key! *clap clap clap* In particular to my friends WQ and J, very happy for you two. In honour of all the lucky folk who are gearing up to meet with contractors and designers and what not, here's part two of HDB flat renovation design inspiration. Not all of the homes we've shared are HDB flats, but they have tons of ideas you can definitely use! Be inspired! 



This kitchen features a beautiful tiled backsplash, yellow-cream cabinetry and brass fixtures. Straight out of an Enid Blyton book! Check out this designer for more ideas. We also love how the bold red tiles really enhance the space.

We love how the all-white theme is spiced up by the detailing of this fireplace and the mirror! But  of course, instead of a fireplace, you could use the detailing of this feature for a custom headboard in your bedroom or for a custom desk. Small accents of gold really bring the European feel to the space
Brighten a boring space with an outstanding decorative feature. In the case of this two-dimensional bathroom, it's the bright blue ladder that doubles as a towel rack that adds colour to the space.

The designer balanced the raw concrete and the edged, cove lighting with the sleek, smooth tiles of the living room floor

The concrete-inspired head and ceiling board turns the bed into a decorative feature.

The wall at the entrance of the home is also made of concrete and pairs nicely wiht the dark parquet flooring. An eye-catching spiral shelf captures the attention of visitors.

This is an old walk-up apartment, but can be used as HDB flat inspiration as well for those of you who love vintage! The bright yellow of the kitchen board brings a modern twist to the duller colours of the vintage home. We love the tiles and the metal gate of this home. 

We love this storage idea. Highlight your shoes with a soft diffused glow under your cabinets! Keeps them neat but subtly displays them too.

Don't you love the wallpaper of this simple bedroom? The soft, muted colours add a sweet touch to the otherwise white room.

Don't mind baring your whole apartment to guests? Then this open-concept home is for you. The designer shifted the zones so that the bedroom and living room shared the same space.

The owner turned an entire room into his wardrobe. You can tell he's a guy cause: sparse. We love the Kiss sofa from XTRA!

The wall between the two toilets of the home had been knocked down to give the owner a larger bathroom. The exposed pipes were kept as a decorative feature.


For a minimal, spacious apartment, this five-room flat's designer took down most of its walls and converted others into glass panels.

While most of the home had been kept minimal, a large part was dedicated to a massive indoor garden. A stark contrast from the bare living space, the garden room has warm, parquet flooring and a huge wall of green.

The owner also kept his bedroom minimal and spacious by taking down the wall between the en-suite bathroom and the master bedroom. For more inspiration, check out these posts:
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