Milano sofa, Como coffee table, Stretch Arm wall lamp, Zyl footstool & MP rug

If you love authentic and modern Scandinavian furniture, check out Kuhl Home. The shop carries a range of Scandinavian furniture, lighting and home accessories from well-known brands such as Bolia, Normann Copenhagen, Juul and Skovby. Made in Europe, the pieces come at competitive prices.

North sofa, Industry floor lamo, Side by Side console & Vora wall mirror

The sofas, in particular, are great buys – here’s why:

They are designed to last

Seat and back cushions in Kuhl Home’s sofas are filled solely with high-quality down or feathers around a cold foam core, so all cushions and pillows offer a lightness and the ability to regain their shape — just what you need for comfort day after day, year after year.

They come with a warranty

At Kuhl Home, superior materials combined with real craftsmanship ensure quality furniture that lasts.  For this reason, its brands offer a 30- to 60-month warranty on all sofas. This covers any functional, material and craftsmanship defect in Bolia or Juul sofas bought from Kuhl Home for private use. Indeed even on its Less sofa range — which starts under $2,000 for a 2m-long sofa — there is a five-year warranty against loss of shape in the back and seat cushioning foam.

Rami sofa, Elements sofa and Scandinavia sofa

They are made of environmentally friendly materials

Kuhl Home sofas conform to the highest European environmental standards and will not introduce poisons such as carcinogen formaldehyde or heavy metals into your home.

The fabrics used are made of recyclable materials such as cotton and polyester, and the pieces are free of heavy metals such as nickel, lead and chromium. The leathers are also sustainably produced without any pollutants like chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs). Sofa frames are free of formaldehyde and made of sustainable wood, and even the glue is 100 per cent water-based and eco-friendly. 

They are modular and made to suit your lifestyle

You can choose from a range of configurations such as two, 2½, three-seater, L-shaped sofas, modular and even angled ranges. The helpful staff at Kuhl Home can help you find the perfect fit for your home; they can even advise you on pet-friendly furniture!  

Visit Kuhl Home’s showroom at 100E Pasir Panjang Road, #08-01 Century Warehouse. Find out more at