The internet is a wonderful thing, especially with it provides you with free storage space for your pictures, videos and digial what-not. But if you're struggling to keep under the maximium space of your current cloud service, never fear. Home and Decor is here. 

Before you give up and start planning to purchase your own personal cloud, ask yourself, have you made use of all the free cloud services? There are a ton. Make use of all of them and you'll find you'll be swimming in over 80GB worth of free cloud storage.

Capacity: 2GB

Available online and everybody's favourite means of transfer, it only has a measly 2GB of space. But, through referrals, you can "earn" up to 16GB! Check out the referrel program here. Of course upgrade your space and you can get up to 1TB of space.

Google Drive
Capacity: 15GB

What's great about the Google Drive is that it is linked to all your google accounts, mail, calendar, and everything in-between. Plus Google docs, sheets, presentation and more make it so easy to create content and save it online. Best part of all, documents you create within the drive do not count towards your 15GB! Endless supply of space for your documents! 

Amazon Cloud Drive
Capacity: 5GB

Amazon's drive is really best for storing photos. The mobile app makes it easy to store images through its auto-upload function, and to save you from wasting your data, it only uploads when it detacts a wi-fi connection. If you really want more space from it, get Amazon Prime, it gives you benefits at the Amazon store too and costs US$99 a year.

Microsoft One Drive
Capacity: 15GB

If you use a Blackberry, this cloud service is for you. It has the highest rating among all the other cloud services available on the Blackberry World store. It can also be accessed through your browser. If you choose to sync your photos automatically with the drive, you get an extra 3GB!

Capacity: 50GB

ADrive appears to be great, they offer 50GB free space, which is more than any other cloud service. But before you arrive at the 50GB worth of free space, you will have sign up for a free 60-day trial of their paid package first. They say it is so you can experience their "premium features risk-free to find out why so many customers choose the personal premium plan". Only after your 60 day trial (no credit card needed) are you allowed to downgrade from the paid 100GB to the free 50GB basic plan.

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