How much have you set aside for your home's renovation? If you've set aside about $50,000 to transform the empty HDB flat layout, here's some examples of how far you can get! 

1) Industrial-style HDB flat with splashes of bold graphic prints
Interior Designer: D5 Studio Image
living room, hdb flat, renovation, 50000, industrial-style
kitchen, renovation, hdb flat, 50000,
bomb shelter, 50000, renovation, hdb flat,
walk-in wardrobe, bedroom, renovation, 50000, hdb flat,

2) Three-room HDB flat bachelor pad
Interior Designer: Box.ID Studio
living room, bachelor pad, 50000, renovation, hdb flat, three room

kitchen, renovation, 50000, hdb flat, three room, bachelor pad
tv console, renovation, 50000, hdb flat, bachelor pad,
renovation, study, 50000, three room, hdb flat,

4) A clean, extremely minimalist home 
Interior Designer: Vegas Interior Design
living room, renovation, minimalist, simple, hdb flat,
living room, renovation, 50000, home, hdb flat,
bedroom, hdb flat, minimalist, simple, renovation, 50000,
renovation, simple, minimalist, kitchen, 50000, hdb flat,

5) A colourful, open concept three-room HDB flat
Interior Designer: Proj. B Studio
living room, three room, hdb flat, 50000, renovation,
dining room, kitchen, renovation, living room, 50000, hdb flat, three room
renovation, 50000, bedroom, open-concept, hdb flat, three room,
bedroom, home fixtures, open-concept, three room, renovation, 50000, fixtures, hooks,

6) A bold and beautiful HDB flat
Interior Designer: Three-D Conceptwerke
living room, brick, feature wall, renovation, 50000, hdb flat
dining room, renovation, 50000, hdb flat,
wardrobe, bedroom, renovation, 50000, hdb flat, open-concept
renovation, bedroom, storage, headboard, 50000, hdb flat,
renovation, hdb flat, bedroom, window, sunny, 50000,