These hidden storage solutions make bulky, built-in cabinets redundant! You get more storage space, and keep your home looking sleek and stylish.

storage, cabinets, hidden storage,
(Design by: Cube Associate Design)
This homeowner’s wall-mounted dressing table doubles as a storage cabinet. The flip-up compartments are deep enough for her beauty products and jewellery.

hidden storage, compartments, feature wall,
(Design by: Distinct Identity)
The “bricks” of this feature wall help camouflage the door to a hidden storage compartment.

hidden, storage, compartment, pantry, penthouse,
(Design by Museum)

The door to this massive pantry blends seamlessly into the panelling of the living area.

platform bed, hidden storage, compartments,
(Design by Space Matters)
This is why platform beds are so popular: rather than cluttering the bedroom with additional storage cabinets for blankets and linens, these appear to be part of the floor and disappear from sight when closed.

hidden storage, compartments,
(Design by Studio Arc)
The base of this table hides a pull-out cabinet for condiments!

walk-in wardrobe, hidden storage, hidden compartment, dressing table,
(Design by D’Haus)
To keep the bedroom from appearing cluttered, one of the bedroom wardrobe doors hide the owner’s dressing table.