The original Tolix Model A chair is an icon of industrial aesthetics. Its unequalled lightness and sturdiness is attributed to it being crafted from sheet metal, which makes it suitable for both commercial and outdoor use.

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Image: Comfort Design

Why We Love It

The iconic chair has earned a place for itself in the Vitra Design Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and the Pompidou Centre, and the unfortunate honour of being a much-copied design. Spot inspired versions at many of today’s trendy industrial-inspired cafes.

Who Designed It

French designer Xavier Pauchard (1880-1948) was a pioneer of steel galvanisation in France. Shortly after World War I, he was involved in manufacturing galvanised sheet-metal furniture, which was used in factories, public buildings, cafes, parks and even on ships, and registered the trademark Tolix in 1927.

What It Inspired

The chair gained popularity around 1934 so, the following year, a range for children was designed. Over the years, a perforated version of the chair was also created, as well as other versions in the brand’s signature material and form, including both chairs and stools of different heights. Today, the iconic Model A chair comes in a wide range of bright and bold colours.

The Tolix Model A Chair is available at P5.