Though the painting of the microphone and mural of The Beatles are amongst the first few things one would notice walking into the home, they are not the sole theme of the home. This cosy apartment is a mix of different styles the homeowner loves.  

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The nostalgic pedigree of the “band” ties in with the retro feel of the home. The flooring is bamboo stained a dark brown, and the wooden shelves are used throughout the house.

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As there were no needs to stick to a specific theme, the furnishings were a mix of everything the homeowner likes. Although most of them were wood furniture, this home contains some stylish pieces from vintage furniture shops.

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The apartment’s unique linear layout and its original wood ceiling made the space appealing to the owner. The bright green wellington boots, embroidery hoops filled with fabric from old clothes, and a “dim sum” stool make up some of the delightful decor scattered throughout the home.

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The walls of the stairway were decorated with the artworks and photographs that were made by the owner herself. Not only does this add a personal touch, but it saves her money too. 

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In the kitchen, there is the “new” old mosaic tiles for flooring, which gives the home a nostalgic feel. The original kitchen door was replaced with a wood-framed glass piece and has a window slot added to it. By mixing the retro pieces with contemporary favourites, the home has a mix of old and new, making it comfortable yet unique.