How do you fit in those gorgeous vintage furniture pieces handed down from your grandparents into a contemporary-style home? We had this terrific example of a home to give you some pointers. Renovated by architects Formwerkz, its owners (who run furnishings shop Pomelo) furnished it with their discerning eye in furnishings, artwork and colour. 


1.Make sure your vintage wood furniture does not stand out like a sore thumb in a contemporary space by using other wood furnishings too. Here, the dining table and picture frame all echo the warm tones of the vintage sideboard. 


2. The colour green complements the brown of the wood perfectly, especially if it's used in shapes that are simple and strong, such as this Transglass recycled vase by Emma Woffenden and Tord Boontje.


3. The owners kept the original gate of the home, built in 1968, and even imprinted the motif on the concrete walls of the home.


4. A typical teak sofa and armchair from the 60s' have been reupholstered to give it a sophisticated look. Its classic design never goes out of style, as with its companion, the plywood Cherner armchair, designed in 1958.

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